Our specialists second opinions are complete, clinically specific, to-the-point and definitive.

    Why get a remote specialist opinion?

    There are times your doctor may not have a team of specialists to consult with and you want to confirm your physician’s recommendation. Depending on your location, your availability or your ability to travel, your accessibility to highly specialized care may be limited. Hope & Cure brings different specialists directly to you and your physician without you spending time and money to travel to America.

    How can I send you the images?

    The easiest and fastest way is to use our secure web site to upload. You can also upload the original report as well as any previous imaging reports. You can upload the images from any digital source including CD, DVD, flash drive, computer hard drive or cloud storage.

    I do not understand the medical condition or have general questions. Can I speak with the specialist or other medical doctor?

    Absolutely. We offer communication levels unparalleled in the industry. For a extra fee, Specialist or a medical doctor will speak to you in your own language and explain the findings on your second opinion. Please note that our medical doctors can not form a doctor-patient relationship over the phone and since they do not know your full medical history, all consultations are general in nature and serve as opinions only. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your own doctor regarding definitive treatment options and recommendations.

    Get a different perspective

    physicians have different personalities, different experiences and different training. Some physicians are more conservative and others are more aggressive. It might be a good idea to get a different perspective and a second opinion.

    Medical mistakes happen

    While many physicians are competent and excellent specialists, there are some who provide less than optimal service. Additionally, physicians are human beings and make mistakes. Finally, physician' skills, training and opinions vary widely. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis do happen. Please take charge of your health and your well-being.

About Us

Hope and Cure represents a network of different specialists across the United States and we are rapidly growing. Our network is made up of dedicated, experienced specialists and subspecialists. Our physicians are board certified and possess special expertise in their field. Our specialists second opinions are complete, clinically specific, to-the-point and definitive.

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